Motion-controlled LED lights for your kitchen and workplace

LED operation
LED bulbs and under-cabinet lights from the Dualux and Instalux product lines complete our variety of ceiling fans. They are suitable for wall and ceiling lights, desk and standard lamps. Under-cabinet lights with a robust aluminium housing are perfect for use the kitchen, at the workplace or as a decorative element in shelves or showcases.


Why LED?

We offer LED bulbs with an A+ and A++ energy efficiency rating. Modern technology ensures durable, eco-friendly diodes that provide pleasant, cosy illumination.

Durable: LED lights with a service life of up to 35,000 hours equal 30 years of use, assuming they are used for three hours daily. Which conventional incandescent bulb could ever keep up with that?

The initial costs for energy-saving lights might be a bit more intensive that a standard 40W incandescent bulb. However, these costs in relation to the service life (and savings in terms of energy consumption), the new LED technology is very profitable.

Eco-friendly: LED lamps in our range consume a minimum of power starting with as little as 4.5 Watts. Most of the energy is transformed into light, not into unnecessary heat. The outstanding current yield preserves natural resources whilst keeping your energy costs low. This advantage is particularly profitable if you are looking to equip spacious areas with LED, e.g. a warehouse, operating site or restaurant.

After the useful life has expired, old LED bulbs are partially recyclable. Contrary to other low energy lamps, LEDs do not contain any mercury.

Non-glare lighting: The individual diodes inside the LED bulbs and under-cabinet lights are covered by matt, frosted glass. This prevents any unpleasant glare and the diodes are not visible as single parts, instead the light is diffused evenly.

Motion-controlled: A simple movement of the hand dictates switching on and off the light, light intensity (dimmer) and to some extent the colour temperature (warm, cool) of the motion-controlled LED lights. The lamps are ideal for all environments where users are often too busy with their tasks. For example, in the kitchen you might be preoccupied with preparing a roux and need a better view, the flour should not clump together after all. Here the under-cabinet lights come in handy: The touchless IR sensor with a range of 10cm can be activated with the elbow if needed.

Various colour temperatures: Depending on the place of application, time of the day and purpose the colour temperature of the bulbs in our range is adjustable. Cosy, warm white light with 3000 Kelvin or cool white 5000 K lighting at the work station are activated completely contact-free. LED lights are operated by infrared sensors, providing a maximum of convenience and versatility.

3000 Kelvin contain a higher amount of the colour red, which gives the lighting its homelike, golden glow. Neutral daylight white ranging from 5000 to 6000 K on the other hand contains more blue. It is not as cool as the former generation of LEDs when they were first invented.

The modern Raja ceiling fan is features a dimmable colour-shift LED that is fully remote control operated.

Risk-free use: LED lights do not contain harzardous chemicals. If the lamp breaks, there is no dangerous substance or gas that might emerge from it.

Dualux lights

Dualux Logo
LED Neptune
Dualux LED light panel
LED in kitchen
LED lamp / under-cabinet light / light panel
The motion-controlled Dualux Neptune under-cabinet lights are available in two different sizes, 30cm and 60cm. The models supplied by Pepeo are suitable for the voltages 240Volt / 50Hz as well as 120Volt / 60Hz. The light weight and slim dimensions make it possible to mount the devices to a variety of smooth surfaces. The smaller fitting weights 0.185kg and the 60cm model 0.375kg. The Neptune can even be mounted to materials that are sensitive to pressure, such as glass or fragile shelves. Double-faced adhesive tape ensures secure hold. The 24W driver for connection to the wall socket as well as a lead wire are supplied in the box. If two or more lights are interlinked, they can be used in synchronicity. This is quite beneficial in commercial environments and in bars, counters and show windows. At home the LED under-cabinet lights can also be used outside of the kitchen, for example in the cellar, at the worktable in the garage or a decorative element under the bed.

There are no visible single diodes all over the entire length of the light (up to 60cm). Instead, the light is diffused softly and spreads out evenly. This adds pleasant, natural lighting to the room. The sophisticated design is oriented towards functionality. One one hand, the lamp housing is made of high-quality durable aluminium. On the other hand the subtle white finish and overall depth of 1.2cm make the Neptune discreet source of light in the room. The frosted glass seamlessly transitions into the metal frame and is easy to clean.

Instalux lights

Instalux Logo

Instalux LED under-cabinet lights operate with the same light panel technology like the Dualux Neptune models. That is why the technical specifications are so similar. The Instalux fittings include two new features that offer more convenience for users and broaden the range of possible applications.
Access linking cable
Linking cable
Adhesive tape installation
Driver with cable

Instalux LED under-cabinet lights: Opening for linking cable, connected lights, installation with adhesive tape, 24 Watt driver included.

Instalux LED under-cabinet lights are dimmable. As usual, the dimming feature is completely touchless. Thanks to the low energy consumption they are perfect for use in bedrooms and night lights. In the living room they create a snugly, warm atmosphere when dimmed down.

The safe exit function provides a high standard of safety switching off. Accidental movements near the sensor will not reactivate the lamp. This ensures that the lighting is not turned on after you have left your home. If your pet gets close to the Instalux models, the motion sensor will not react to it.
Application of the dimmable LED under-cabinet light:
LED Lamps
Size comparison LED lights 30cm and 60cm
  • Night light in nursery and children’s room
  • Kitchen, worktop
  • Office, workplace, PC work station, under bookcase
  • Caravan/travel home
  • Arbour with connection to power
  • Garage, cellar, storage room
  • Living room wall unit, TV table
  • Reading lamp on the bookshelf
  • Showcase, cupboard, cabinet, rack
  • Additional lighting on a make-up table

No complicated installation on the ceiling, you can save expenses for an electrician. Simply put up wherever you want the lamp to operate and plug the 24W driver into the wall socket. That is all it takes to set up the Instalux lights! On smooth interior walls the LED under-cabinet lamps can also be mounted in a diagonal or vertical position. The position can be altered at any time. The lead wire has a length of 30cm.

No IP rating against liquid ingress: The Dualux and Instalux LED under-cabinet lights are engineered for use in dry indoor areas. They must not be used outdoors or in environments with increased humidity or rain.

LED bulbs

Motion sensor LED
Instalux E27 LED bulb. More innovative bulbs will soon be added to our range of products.
LED bulbs from the Instalux range are an energy-efficient alternative to standard 40W incandescent bulbs. The LEDs have an E27 base that is commonly used in many countries, and 400 lumens output it keeps up with other conventional lamps. This modern LED bulb can be fitted in all suitable desk, floor, wall and ceiling lights.

Based on three hours of use every single day, the Instalux LED operates about 11 years, or 12,000 hours in total. Two colour temperatures (warm, daylight) as well as brightness can be selected with a simple gesture.

The socket diameter 27mm is not suitable for fan lights from the Pepeo and AireRyder range. However, ceiling fans of other brands sometimes require or can be used with LED lamps. The bulb with integrated IR sensor is ideal for use in light fittings with lamp shades that are open at the bottom, for example bell-shaped, or floral designs.