Ceiling fans without lights

Ceiling fans with lights are a popular choice in the domestic sector, fans without lights are preferred in commercial areas. They are also used in households where there is no need for additional lighting.


Simple and elegant: Ceiling fans without lights

Usually, future owners of the fan already know if they need a model with or without lights. In some cases, the room is already equipped with a ceiling light fitting, so it would not be necessary to add another one. In hotels, restaurants and conference rooms, elaborate lighting has already been installed, whether it is a stunning chandelier or large light panels in factories and hangars. When it comes to ceiling fans without lights the main focus lies on ventilation. However, the reduced equipment does not mean these models look plain and boring just because they are missing a light kit. The Potkuri ceiling fan features a traditional design with reversible wooden blades and a decorative cane inlay that makes it a stylish addition to the interior.

Doing without a ceiling fan light allows for a variety of new and unusual designs. The wall and ceiling fan Toledo for example shows off its blades that are shaped like a ship’s propeller. The entire design concept would be almost unnoticeable and a lot less unique. Furthermore, the Toledo can be fitted into corners, which would not be possible with a ceiling fan light.

The Cosmos ceiling fan is available with and without a light kit.

Ceiling fans without lights for industrial and commercial environments

In professional environments in the industrial sector all electric appliances and machines must be protected against flying sparks and overheating. In areas exposed to explosion hazards only devices with a special ATEX protection must be used. Explosion and shatter proof lights have their own protection ratings and codes relating to safety. They are customized products and usually quite expensive. Mostly, light tubes like emergency lamps or floodlights in factory buildings are already fitted at the working place. Explosion-protected fans without lights are most suitable for ventilation and extraction of contaminated air.

Due to absence of a light kit on the fan standards and regulations relating to fire and explosion safety are met easier. Ceiling fans for damp rooms are also available without a light option. These models are engineered to move air in factory buildings, pantry or storage rooms where a lamp on the fan is simply not necessary.

➲ If a ceiling lamp is already installed and should be kept there in addition to the fan, the fan needs its own, independent power supply line.

In less hazardous but humid rooms or areas with variations in temperature it is recommended to use robust ceiling fans such as the industrial-style model Zephyr. Its elegant design also enhances office buildings and adds a touch of modernism.

Ceiling fans without lights for industrial and commercial environments

The Turno ceiling fan is available with and without a light kit.

Example: Ceiling fan Cyrus with and without light kit

Some ceiling fans like the aireRyder Cosmos and Pepeo Turno are available with and without light kit.
Other ceiling fans can be upgraded with add-on light kits at a later point in time. These kits are sold separately and must be ordered on top of the fan. The Cyrus ceiling fan is delivered as a complete package consisting of a bottom cap for installation without the lights as well as a light kit with three individual spots. This allows the customer to retrofit the fan at any time. If the requirements or the structural conditions change, the ceiling fan adapts to the situation within a few minutes. The installation of the light is done with conventional household tools. Please make sure to cut off the power supply during the installation work on the fuse box. If the add-on light kit is removed, all electric wires at the bottom of the fan are covered with a special cap to match the rest of the fan and interior.

The Cyrus ceiling fan includes an optional light kit as well as a bottom cap for installation without the lights:

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Would you like to control the ceiling fan without lights with a remote control, wall controller or pull cord? Ceiling fans without lights are often delivered with a pull switch that adjusts the rotation speed. The use of a remote control or wall controller is no problem at all, some models already include one of these two control units in the box.

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Do you already own a fan without lights? Install low-energy LED under-cabinet lights in the room. It can be installed in any position with special adhesive tape. A simple wall socket is all you need to connect the devices to the power.