Ceiling fan – Decorative accessory, useful air circulation and energy saving

Ceiling fans with lights, remote control and other extras are efficient household appliances that can be used all the year round. In the summer they provide a fresh breeze, in the winter they even out temperature difference in the room. On top of homes of end customers fans are also suitable for application in commercial and industrial environments, workshops and catering outlets.

How to save money with ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are more than an aesthetic addition to a hotel lobby or classic American films. Instead, they are multifunctional all-rounders. The purchase of a ceiling fan will give you a new quality of life at home or at work. Everyone is familiar with the feeling of stagnant air in a room exposed to sun. Particularly in the summer heat and lack of air circulation impact physical well-being and performance.

A ceiling fan circulates warm stagnant air and provides a pleasant indoor temperature as well as essential air circulation. This will help you through the hottest days of the year, even in a loft right underneath the roof, the place where heat builds up the most. This fact should be reason enough to decide in favour of a ceiling fan. However, there is another important benefit of a ceiling fan – it will save you money in the winter.

Heat recover Winter setting Potkuri

Do you know the effect of heat recovery? Running the ceiling fan in reverse allows the fan blades to force warm air from the ceiling down to the lower part of the room. This is one of the main sales points of ceiling fans as it makes them useful during the cold seasons as well.
Just like a hot air ballon warm air always rises to the top. Due to the laws of physics, warm air accumulates underneath the ceiling in rooms without ventilation. In the winter the majority of the warm air is not used, since it builds up in the upper part of the room. The lower part, particularly the floor, will stay cold even though the radiator or fireplace is constantly turned on. In times of high costs for energy, this translates directly to wasted money.

With a ceiling fan you can efficiently use all heat. Warm air is mixed with cold layers of air on the ground. A temperature adjustment takes place until the room is warmed up evenly. Seeing that you will not have to keep heating constantly, you can save heating costs, ensure a cosy indoor climate and conserve the environment.

The adjustable running direction of the ceiling fans makes the temperature compensation happen. The normal forward running direction has a cooling effect due to the movement of the blades. By activating the reverse function the ceiling fan forces down warm air from the ceiling along the walls of the room without any cooling. Some fans feature the reversing function on the remote control. Otherwise there is a manual sliding switch on the fan housing that changes the fan from summer to winter setting. It does not matter what kind of heating is used, it works with a fireplace, radiator or geothermal energy.

More ceiling fan advantages

Ceiling fans are low-priced and efficient appliances that provide air circulation in medium-sized and big rooms with up to 25m2 surface. Larger spaces are equipped with several fans.

In comparison with air conditioning systems ceiling fans consume as little as 3 Watts. They are easier to install as well, because the ceiling fan is simply mounted in lieu of the original light fitting. That means there is no need for a wall breakthrough or special wiring. However, the lighting does not disappear completely: our stylish fan light kits are available in a variety of designs. Ranging from a contemporary slim LEDs to a traditional tulip shape, you can decide for yourself which type of lamp you are going to use. Corresponding to the lamp base, bulbs with energy efficiency rating A++ can be inserted. If there is no need for lighting at the moment, some fans come with an option to add a light kit at a later point if required. We concentrate on versatility and flexibility when it comes to the lamp shades of our light kits. We offer fans with lights and clear glass, opaque plastic covers or stylish frosted glass.

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Intensity of the air circulation can be matched to the individual perception of temperature of each person. Virtually soundless direct current motors feature six different rotation speeds. Alternating current motors are equipped with three speeds and a reverse function. Everyone who finds the manual pull cord operation too time-consuming can opt for a remote control or wall controller instead.

Authentic interior decoration is important for hotels, restaurants, commercial areas and residential buildings. Even rather practical equipment like ventilation technology should match the décor. Luckily, there is a huge selection of different elegant designs nowadays that goes with virtually anything. Traditional and classic, contemporary in silver or a rustic wooden style – almost everything you can think of is available today. If you cannot decide on one look or like to switch it up every now and then, you will love reversible blades. These blades are finished with a different colour on the front and back, meaning you can install them with the side facing down that you prefer more. If the interior or your taste changes, you can simply turn around the blades.
On top of the enormous savings thanks to heat recovery, our ceiling fans offer something that is often even more valuable: silence. The first-rate motors run completely smooth and quiet in forward and reverse. That means they are suitable for office rooms, workstations as well as bedrooms or nurseries and will not disturb concentration or sleep.

Ceiling fan benefits:
  • low priced and efficient air circulation
  • constant air movement
  • for any room size
  • summer and winter setting
  • variety of designs
  • models with reversible (two-tone) blades
  • fan plus lighting, some models with LED
  • up to 6 fan speeds
  • energy-saving motors starting at 3 Watts
  • low energy consumption
  • up to 25 years limited warranty
  • high-quality manufacturing, outstanding durability
  • controlled with pull cord, remote control or wall controller
  • whisper quiet operation
  • visual highlight of any room
  • some models can be mounted to sloped ceilings
  • fans for every budget
  • easy to install, no maintenance requirements
Loft ceiling fan
We grant up to 25 years limited warranty on the motor of our Pepeo fans. All our products are as appealing as they are durable. Now you just have to decide on a model!

The right size of ceiling fans

The suitable diameter of the fan depends on the room. It is necessary to know the place of application and its dimensions. The surface, height and layout of the room are crucial factors. Ideally, ceiling fans are applied in square rooms. Drawn-out rectangular hallways or assembly halls are divided into separate, square sections when calculating the quantity and size of fans.

At Pepeo we offer ceiling fans for rooms with a size between 10 to about 25m2. The most popular fan width for living rooms in the European region is 132cm. The super slim ceiling fan Pepeo Kisa or AireRyder Classic with 105cm each are ideal for small rooms. That includes guest rooms or children’s rooms to name a few examples. The industrial ceiling fan Vourdries in 142cm is the biggest model in our range.

The swivelling wall-mounted Toledo fan with a 45.7cm fan diameter is ideal for narrow passages or walkways. Due to the swivelling head with up to 542 revolutions per minute it can also be mounted to the ceiling.

For rooms with up to three metres height the follow values serve as a guideline. If you are looking to equip higher areas, such as an entrance hall, conference room or factory buildings, we are happy to help you by phone or email, we would be pleased to give you advice.

Diameter ceiling fan Surface area
60-100cm 5-10m2
100-119cm 10-15m2
120-139cm 15-25m2
140-160cm 25-32m2

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Pepeo GmbH ceiling fans

Raja DC ceiling fan
Low energy ceiling fan Raja with three LED colour temperatures
Pepeo GmbH offers a wide selection of contemporary and traditional fan designs with popular housing and blade colours. The line ranges from decorated lamp shades, elaborate cane inlays in the fan blades to pure, all-white looks. Modern technology with high-quality, reversible motors and dimmable light bulbs in three colour temperatures complete the range. Energy-saving DC ceiling fans such as the Turno consume a minimum of power to further reduce any costs.

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Apart from our own brand Pepeo our range includes AireRyder products.

AireRyder ceiling fans

DC ceiling eFAN
Energy-saving DC ceiling fan eFAN with two separate motors for three-dimensional air circulation.
The sophisticated ceiling fans made by American brand AireRyder are distributed exclusively by us in Germany. Long-standing trade relations with the brand reinforced our opinion about the high-quality standards so that we can recommend them in all conscience. The AireRyder range on Pepeo includes selected ceiling fans that correspond to the European taste in furnishings and equipment. The AireRyder ceiling fans with lights and both models without light come in stylish, timeless designs. Clear-cut lines, light colours and flawless, technical equipment are the focal points of the line. The fans are available with the control options pull cords, remote control and wall controller.

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Checking out our Pepeo site on a regular basis pays off. The product lines of both manufacturers is frequently updated with new, contemporary models. As a registered seller you will be automatically kept up-to-date about any new additions to our selection.