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Air and design are the focal points of our passionate team. Pepeo is the result of long-standing experience in the fields of ceiling fans and air conditioning technology. We offer a comprehensive product range that includes ceiling fans, controller units for ceiling fans and energy-saving under-cabinet LED lights.

Our main goal is to combine functionality and appealing design into one appliance, and to offer our customers the same service that we expect from our own partners, too. We are pleased to present you our following products and services.

24-Hour Service – The Pepeo Ticket System
Our ticket system was born of the idea to make information about our products and competent contact persons available at all times. That way retailers have the possibility to approach our capable team about any concerns, questions and requests around-the-clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. You can also direct all specific questions relating to the inside of the ceiling fans, controls and other products to us. Many issues can be solved quick and unbureaucratic like this. That means not only our partners, but also end customers will profit from the service.

Please sign up as a retailer here in order to be able to use our ticket system.


New releases at Pepeo GmbH.
We are a German manufacturer based in Altenburg and attach great importance to quality & design.

Pepeo, Production and Distribution of Ceiling Fans, Controller Units and LED Lighting

As a developer and producer of ceiling fans with and without lighting we regonise a responsibility for our customers. You are justified in expecting a coherent relation of quality, value for money and reliability. In order to meet these standards we have always selected the best and most reliable partners to work with. This allows us to supply our customers with high-quality goods around-the-clock. Trust: The basis of one of the most crucial requirements for growing together.

However, trust is like a delicate flower and needs a lot of fostering. That is why consequent and continuous development and improvement of our products is a priority in our business. Short logistics supply chains, immediate and direct availability of the items in the store as well as our own, customer-friendly ticket system, the production of our own fans gives us as a manufacturer a multitude of benefits that our customers profit from as well.

Our products pass our experience and passion for ceiling fans is passed on to you.

Do you have questions about ceiling fans? Retailers appreciate our expertise.
End customers have other needs and requirements for a manfacturer and the products than retailers, however is one thing both target groups have in common. Both show appreciation for competent contacts and high-grade quality. Retails enjoy our professional competence regarding ceiling fans and ventilators in particular. After all, resellers can face customers only as well-informed as the manufacturer of the product allows. With that in mind we have decided to settle for a clear, retailer-oriented concept.